Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

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Why many People fail their Screening Interviews

Screening interview is often the last stage of hoping for an employment. After submitting an application and waiting for a miraculous day which the firm will ever send for you, the hope is often that if I am invited, then, it means that I will be employed.

Now the invitation for an interview comes. why would you fail such a long expected opportunity? This is always baffling and disturbing. Could it be that the firm had many people to chose one or 5? why were you not among the five?

Screening interview is a time where people are often overwhelmed with anxiety and proud of being invited. anxiety at most times leads to forgetfulness, whereas interview requires comportment and logical preparedness.

Many people do not ever check back their application letters – it is your application letter that motivated the firm to invite you. Maybe there are unique things you wrote which made them circle and need your further explanation, thus, before moving into the interview room, try and rehearse your application letter – find out what you wrote, documents you including and personalities you mentioned. Those qualifications and experiences you mentioned should have a well defendable plan.

A major question of why you left the former establishment could be disastrous to your success. your most thoughtful reason could be well-queried into negative status.

Critical analysis of your personality and putting up of positive grooming changes could make you succeed, but when you feel or are too proud of your personality may make you woefully fail in a very simple question.

Stage fright affects thousands of would be successful applicants. Many people can hardly look at themselves for 20 minutes on a mirror. The interview hall might be strange to you and falling down while entering the hall might destabilize your emotions and sets you face on a woeful state. One failed question or behaviour could lead to general failure.

What is the answer?

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