Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

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Skill Acquisition and Economy

What is Skill Acquisition?

Skill acquisition is a special form of learning. It is the training received on a particular function or task till you become an expert on the skill. Therefore we can say that the process of acquiring a skill is called skill acquisition.

Acquiring a skill on any field of study could either formal or informal, howbeit, the importance attached to any skill acquired is the economy – your economy and the societal economy. It is sometimes sad to see graduates staying idle or becoming chronic applicants. It is also worst to see countries of the world not minding the skills of the citizenry.

Skills of any kind is the success of any economy. A close study on the poorest nations or low class countries of the world shows an outright scarcity of skills labourers. Regardless of potentials in the country, if skilled labourers are not putting in their best into the usage of such resources, then, such economy remains a failure for generations.

Yes, most people are after rating calibers of skilled jobs but forget to consider the outputs of such underrated skilled activities.  Without people wearing dirty clothes, then there will be no natural resources tapped. Without people climbing the pole, then, there would be no light in the system. It is skilled labourers who have brought the much changing economy of today.

Learning of skills is as important as your life! Because it is what keeps food on 70% of world’s population tables. At times the higher the cost of the acquiring the skilled labour – the higher your future earnings. E.g, the cost of learning vulcanizing job might be lower than the cost of sachet water production; which means that a sachet water producer has a likelihood of earning higher than a vulcanizing person.

At campus e-learning, we give the wholesome training to our students. That is why the number of skilled labourers or our students keep increasing. Our tutors are sound and always ready to help you with complete study guides.

The economy of any country cannot do without us and the skilled labourers. We are aware of the the saying around – that – politics is the best, but we have the assurance that no politician can succeed without skilled ideas.

Our training covers – cognitive, associative and autonomous stages of skill acquisition.

  1. Cognitive (Early) Stage. The first stage of skill acquisition is the Cognitive Stage.
  2. Associative (Intermediate) Stage. Once you’re in the associate phase you have a bit more flexibility.
  3. Autonomous (Late) Stage. This is the final stage of skill acquisition.

At the final stage, we are not only mindful of the Certificates issued to you but we are very proud of producing the best into the economy. “what would be our gain, if we collect your dollars and over poor or half-baked students who can help neither themselves nor the economy?”. Our strength on this.

Skill acquisition is the main stay of any economy.