Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Campus E-Learning

Start earning a living through Online Tutoring, learning a skill and selling of educational/skilled materials


About is an online classroom for instructors, students, researchers, businessmen, families, schools and establishments who wants to make a living from skills and general knowledge. Experts across the globe uploads their intellectual know-how into this portal at almost free of all cost and is given to the public at same cost.

These experts include; herbalists, medical, scholars, producers, technicians, musicians, video and audio directors, etc.

We launched this special online learning environment for students at all levels and your experience in teaching or wealth of experience in education could be of immense help to this portal and the students as well. These learning environment is mainly for skill acquisition. On daily basis, Skilled and coaching staff are needed.

Roles/Profit Share

Each signed-up instructor of this portal has a role of submitting his instructional guide by adding his course, cost of the course, duration and possible course outline. The programme or course could be in the form of video, audio or soft copy for download or online training. Everyone has the right of choosing the format they would wish to give out their material.

The profit share formula is simple and unique. We expect so many students to register or be interest on a particular programme, thus, every instructor should be considerate on the course cost by fixing or attaching the possible lowest or achievable cost to his programme.

Profit share: we have a 8:2 profit sharing ratio. The instructor or course owner takes the largest share of 80% for every student or signup for his course. 2% goes to the admin or the portal for maintenance, discipline and upkeep of the best practices.

The impact of Skilled Labour?

Skilled labour is gradually gaining momentum in today’s economic. Without skilled labour, life of human beings worldwide would be meaningless. Those with skilled labour have impacted on people of all caliber. Thus, we welcome those who could offer their labour capabilities to the teaming youths who are seeking for white collar jobs on daily basis.

Career Opportunities

Campus e-learning is a career joint for everyone – the instructor and the student. Millions of people who are instructors have also signed up to learn other skilled programmes. It is an exchange portal where one can trade off his capabilities for another.

However, limited opportunity is available for instructors; and salaries or incentives? Guess what? this is the ultimate for everyone. yes we have a ready-made plan for your earnings. But this comes after certifying that you can be of immense help to the students. Feel free to register or apply below, we shall contact and negotiate with you.

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We value your security and will never attempt to open any of our signed up member to any danger. We screen every member/activities – both students, instructors, courses given to the people and other such activities.